Posted by: artsound | July 23, 2010

Community Broadcasting 2010 Election Campaign

According to the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, the CBAA, community broadcasting is the largest media sector in Australia. Neither the government nor the opposition has a clear policy on how their party supports this vital, vibrant and growing movement in the Australian community, so the sector is launching a campaign to coordinate action to make sure this time around the parties go to the people with clearly articulated policies on where they stand in their support for the sector.

The Community Media Votes website will be the focus for the campaign: community media supporters should visit the site to see how they can help ensure candidates in the forthcoming election make their position on community media clear to the electorate.

The campaign is seeking election commitments for four things:

  • Support for communities to create their own content
  • Investment in infrastructure to build digital community hubs
  • Co-ordination funding for volunteer involvement + community access
  • Investment in training for the digital economy.

ArtSound is planning to invite candidates for seats and Senate positions in the ACT and surrounding regions to come along and discuss their positions on-air: stay tuned to find out when they might be on. As Canberra’s own music and arts radio, we are interested not only in the positions of the parties on community media, but also on their support for the arts, and will be encouraging candidates to use the opportunity to explain to the community how, if elected, they will support ArtSound and the wider arts community.


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