Posted by: artsound | May 7, 2010

Canberra’s fine music and arts radio sidelined in proposed canberra digital radio trial.

Commercial Radio Australia announced today that digital radio trials involving commercial radio stations and the SBS would begin in Canberra in early July 2010.   Community radio and ABC stations do not appear to have been included.

“It is quite unfair that ArtSound FM, and other stations for which digital transmission may be highly suited, have not been included”, said James Steele, President of ArtSound FM.

“This denies a potentially large sector of the ACT regional radio audience the opportunity to experience a new digital medium that has potential to benefit fine music stations the most”, he said.

“It is ironic that Commercial Radio Australia claims it is ‘committed to ensuring all Australians are able to access free to air radio broadcasting via digital technology’, while ignoring community radio’s increasing audiences, particularly in regional Australia.”

Mr Steele said that ArtSound FM agreed with Commercial Radio Australia’s view that we do not want to see a nation of metropolitan digital ‘haves’ and regional digital ‘have nots’.”

“While the true advantages of digital audio broadcasting have yet to be demonstrated, ArtSound FM listeners must have the same rights of access to digital radio as commercial and national broadcasting audiences, and those living in the five big metropolitan cities” he said.

ArtSound FM is at the forefront of trialling new digital technologies, and is the first and only radio station in Australia to mount a long term trial of new digital sub-carrier technology for specialized audiences such as the aged and socially isolated citizens.  As distinct from the digital audio broadcasting trials proposed, the “FM eXtra” system, used in the USA and Europe, allows up to four additional high quality digital stereo services to be transmitted within ArtSound’s current FM broadcast bandwidth, to special radio receivers.



  1. Good. I have thousands of $ worth of 70’s receivers and tuners, Marantz, Macintosh, Sherwood, etc. ArtSound should remain FM. The FM sound is just so beautiful through these old but superb receivers/tuners. DAB+ will be like MP3 on a sheepPod….lifeless and tone deaf…vive la FM, vive la vinyl…..

  2. ArtSound will remain broadcasting on FM for as long as we can: the Federal Government is mandating the move to digital broadcasting. It may be many years before we are forced to move, but we need to be involved in trials of digital broadcasting in Canberra so we can see if there are any issues that need to be overcome before we have to broadcast as a permanent digital service . [James Steele, President]

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